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President Obama becomes comedian, gets in car, drinks coffee

The 44th Commander in Chief will make an appearance on Jerry Seinfeld's Web series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

Obama on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Obama and Seinfeld will tool around the White House property in a vintage Corvette. 'Merica.
YouTube screengrab via Andrew Krok/CNET

"Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" isn't on the verge of changing its name, but after President Obama appears in an episode during the show's seventh season, you could very well call it "Not Just Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

Of course, the show doesn't always feature stand-up comedians. There have been actors (like Alec Baldwin) and entertainment personalities (Howard Stern) on the show over the last six seasons, but Obama will become the first politician on the show.

In his episode, the president will hop into an old Corvette with Seinfeld for a chat, followed by coffee in the White House dining room. You didn't think that the Secret Service would just let him traipse around town, did you?

This won't be the President's first toe-dip into the comedy pool. Earlier in his administration, he went on Zach Galifianakis' "Between Two Ferns" to pimp the Affordable Care Act.

"Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" starts its new season on December 30. Other guest stars include Steve Martin, Will Ferrell, Kathleen Madigan, a Porsche 911, a BMW 2002 and a Plymouth Superbird.