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Prepare to be let down: 6,506 apply for just 500 Ford GTs

Some folks even included videos. If you didn't, well, good luck anyway.


Getting approval to buy a new Ford GT is probably easier than obtaining tickets to "Hamilton," but not by much. Ford opened up its application process about a month ago, and in that time, a staggering number of individuals have expressed interest in this car, which will be limited to 500 models in its first two years of production, at a cost of about half a million bucks a pop.

Since it started accepting applications for this high-horsepower supercar, Ford's received 6,506 fully completed applications. 32 percent of those arrived within the last six days, and hundreds include video attachments. Ford claims some of the applications feature "children, lighting effects, racing footage, revving engines, garage tours and life stories," the company said in a statement. What better way to convince Ford you deserve to buy its car than by pandering to it with kids and dramatics?

Ford now looks forward to the edifying task of sifting through all these applications and conducting follow-ups, all within the next 90 days. The automaker is using a wide variety of criteria to judge potential owners, including the requirement that they actually drive the car, instead of mothballing it and selling it for 200 percent of the sale price one year later.

For the record, those people are not car enthusiasts. They are vultures.

The GT is expected to start landing in owners' garages by the end of the year, so there's not a whole lot of time for Ford to dilly-dally. It's still running its online configurator, where poors like me can draw up our own personal GT, albeit in a form that never leaves our laptop screen. Some 200,000 people have already played around with the configurator.