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Predict a Ferrari crash, win $500

Web site Wrecked Exotics is sponsoring a contest to see who can predict the date of the first Ferrari 458 crash.

Ferrari F430 wreck
Wrecked Exotics posts photos and video of very expensive cars in less than pristine condition. Wrecked Exotics

Whether as cautionary tales or perverse automobile pornography, Wrecked Exotics covers crashes of the most expensive cars in the world. Now the site is getting ahead of itself, sponsoring a contest in which entrants can win $500 for predicting the date of the first crash of Ferrari's new 458 Italia, to be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show.

The site has gathered statistics on previous Ferrari crashes, noting that of the 17,300 Ferrari 360s made, there have been 403 documented crashes, or 2.3 percent of the total. For the more recent F430, 96 crashes have been recorded of the 10,000 cars produced.

Predict the crash date for the Ferrari 458 Italia.