Power Grab: Turbos vs. Superchargers (CNET On Cars, Episode 15)

Learn the difference between a turbo and a supercharger, get a look at the most interesting cars from the New York Auto Show and find out what's on Cooley's list of Top 5 car tech flops.

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Brian Cooley
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Power grab: Turbos vs. superchargers
Watch this: Episode 15, Power grab: Turbos vs. superchargers


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Got a lot of email from you about turbos and superchargers, the purposes and differences of each. Not surprising, since there are a lot of both showing up in all kinds of cars these days, not just in hot rides. So this week we lay out the difference by walking you through some cutaway engines.

We're pretty smart about the data on our computers and phones these days, but most people do not give enough thought to the fact that their car is now a device full of personal data - and the only one you leave outdoors. So I've got some tips for the smarter driver on how to wipe your car.

The New York Auto Show was solid this year, and I winnowed it down to just a handful of cars I thought were the most interesting. We'll take you on a 5 minute tour of the show. When you're ready for more, check out our full CNET coverage.

You know I'm the last person to suck up to a technology that I don't think works. How about five technologies that don't work! That's our Top 5 this episode. See how many of them your car has.

Do you remember when swivel seats were the momentary rage in cars? About the same time they were the rage in homes - the '60s and '70s. We'll take a look back at them and a few other oddball seating arrangements there supposed to be part of the car of the future.

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