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Porsches, Porsches, Porsches and some other stuff: Our week on Instagram

Maybe my coworkers should start suggesting titles.

Some weeks, there's a good, overarching theme to bring together our plea to have you follow us on Instagram. If you haven't figured it out by this point, we've got a pretty solid theme going this week. If you actually haven't figured it out by this point, how are you clicking through to articles without reading the title? I'm actually impressed, if that's the case.

Carfection's week was dominated by the 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman, a car that's ditched its flat-six engine in favor of something that sounds like a broken Subaru. Alex also checked out his local Formula E race, and Drew snagged some awesome pictures from the Formula 1 race at Silverstone. Not a bad week, not a bad week at all.

As for Roadshow, I spent the whole week with a Porsche 911 and managed to wrangle up enough restraint to not post 1,400 pictures. Tim went to Italy to drive the Aston Martin DB11, something that made the rest of us very jealous. Antuan checked out the new Accord Hybrid in a gorgeous shade of bronze, and Emme's off-roading Lexus vehicles in Oregon as part of the Heels and Wheels event. I won't mock Chris Paukert this week, because he's sick and that wouldn't be very nice.