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Porsche will unveil the new 2018 Cayenne on August 29

The livestream starts at 9 p.m. in Germany, which means it'll be early-ish here in the US.


It's hard to believe that the Porsche Cayenne has been on sale long enough for a third generation, but time marches ever forward whether we want it to or not.

Porsche will debut the 2018 Cayenne on August 29 in Stuttgart, Germany. Those of us who don't feel like dropping coin on airfare, myself included, will be able to watch the debut via a livestream on Porsche's website. The whole shebang kicks off at 9 p.m. Central European Summer Time, or 3 p.m. Eastern.

We don't know much about the vehicle yet, but like previous iterations of Cayenne, it's likely to pack a multi-engine punch, starting with a V6 on the low end and likely a V8 on the high end. It'll probably be available as a hybrid, as it was before, as well. I wouldn't count on a diesel variant coming to the US, though.

Either way, it won't be much longer until we find out. It will also be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, so while we'll be viewing the unveil remotely, we'll be right up close and personal with it in only a couple weeks.