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Porsche weighs diesel SUV and sedan for U.S.

Automotive News reports on Porsche's plans to sell diesel cars in the U.S.

Automotive News
Porsche Cayenne Diesel
Since early 2009, Porsche has sold a Cayenne diesel in Europe. Porsche

Porsche is considering selling diesel versions of its Cayenne SUV and Panamera sedan in the United States, its biggest market.

Demand for fuel-efficient vehicles is growing fast, even among luxury car buyers, and a diesel would help Porsche meet that demand.

"We are discussing internally if we should introduce the Cayenne diesel in the U.S. this year. Also a Panamera diesel is an option," Bernhard Maier, the brand's sales and marketing chief, told Automotive News Europe, a sister publication of Automotive News.

Maier said Porsche has noticed that consumers in the United States, where diesels have only a tiny market share, are increasingly choosing diesel cars.

"We will make a decision soon," he said.

Since early 2009, Porsche has sold a Cayenne diesel in Europe. Last year, the company introduced a Cayenne gasoline-electric hybrid in Europe and the United States.

Maier said the diesel and hybrid versions account for 30 percent of Cayenne sales. "We expect the diesel and hybrid share to grow further in 2011," he said.

At the Geneva auto show in March, the brand may unveil Panamera variants with a diesel engine and a gasoline-electric hybrid power train.

(Source: Automotive News)