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Porsche wants to take passengers on a virtual reality experience

Flying through a separate world in 3D? Yeah, Porsche wants to make that happen.

Porsche Holoride VR experience
Sure, it looks like a normal drive, but passengers see a whole different world.

Remember when cars with built-in rear seat entertainment were the coolest? Or when Mom or Dad would flip down the screen from the roof of the minivan and play a DVD? Kids in the near future are about to have way more at their disposal.

Porsche on Monday shared its latest virtual reality technology and the various experiences it can present for passengers. Those riding along in a Porsche equipped with the technology from startup Holoride can choose from 2D or 3D experiences, and for the programs in VR, sensors mimic the car's movements.

For example, if the driver turns left, those immersed in the VR program will see their experience shift left to follow suit with the car's motions. In one program, users fly through a futuristic city, while another takes them through an underwater adventure of sorts. Having the VR follow the vehicle's motions can also help cut down on motion sickness, the automaker said. Porsche and Holoride said the technology could be used for entertainment and educational purposes, though, so don't expect all fun and games, kids. 

Holoride is working on new media content specifically engineered for the car and its VR technology. In this case, the program, documentary, game or whatever it may be will be tailored for the length of time in the car, the vehicle's motion and other various contexts. This isn't a Porsche exclusive; Holoride is playing the open-source game, so any automaker can take advantage. For now, the startup company has begun working with media company Discovery to really flex the technology's muscles. Holoride also worked with Disney and with fellow VW Group division Audi on games and other content.

The company wants to put the technology into production in 2021, and with Porsche as an early adopter, if all goes well you can bet you'll see the systems in the German luxury cars.

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