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L.A. face with an Oakland booty: Porsche teases all-new Panamera's rear end

There's a video, too, but that's mostly marketing fluff.


If you haven't noticed, the Porsche Panamera is getting a little long in the tooth. The brand's first sedan has been on sale since 2010, and a whole new one is right around the corner. Ahead of its debut, Porsche's thrown out a new teaser and a video. While the video is mostly high-production-value filler, the picture gives us a whole lot to dissect.

From what I can see of the Panamera's new tuchus, I'm digging it. The shape of the new rear end, with strong haunches and a spoiler-ish lip, reminds me a bit of the current Audi A7, even though the two cars share different platforms. The Porsche emblem is smack dab in the middle of the trunk, not that you'd be confused for driving anything else.

The taillights are much improved over the old model, with a slimmer profile and a new LED bar connecting both sides. They're much, much closer to the 911's lights this time around, and they even wrap around the fenders in the same manner as the Neunelfer.

As for the video, it's...not giving much away. The only thing I've been able to gather from this minute-long, edit-porn experience is that the car will have headlights. I'm pretty sure the law requires those, though. We'll know more when Porsche sees fit to tell us more. Judging by the scant amount of camouflage its testers are wearing, that should be quite soon.

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