Porsche teaches us how to drive at the Porsche Sport Driving School

Did you know there's a school where Porsche will teach you how to properly hustle your car? It's called the Porsche Sport Driving School, and it's pretty awesome.

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Sports cars are brilliant fun. They offer the best handling, the fastest acceleration, the prettiest looks, and the most credibility on the road. But what use is all of that if you can't tame the beast? This is where places like the Porsche Sport Driving School come in really handy.

The PSDS offers Porsche drivers (and non-Porsche drivers, but they have to hire one) the opportunity to spend up to three days learning how to properly drive their cars. You can undergo three levels of training at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone -- Precision, Performance, and Master. They take one, two, and three days, respectively, and can take you from being a beginner to being pretty damn tasty behind the wheel. We were invited to have a go at the Precision course.

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Porsche's Experience centre at Silverstone is a wonderful facility. It can be used to simulate bad weather, ultraslippery conditions, varying grip-levels, or simply a lovely day's drive. The course also gives you access to the legendary Silverstone Grand Prix circuit for an hour a day during your training. That's a pretty sweet deal.

There are many areas to play on at the Experience centre: the ice hill (guess what that simulates), the kick plate (which forces you into a spin), low-friction circuit (the name says it all), and the handling circuit. Each can be used to hone your skills more and more, taking them to new heights and giving you something that only really dedicated driver training can give you: confidence behind the wheel.

Porsche's instructors are top notch. They all know the ins and outs of handling -- not just in a "man down the pub wot once J-turned his Escort" kinda way. Nope, they're race drivers. You know, bona fide professional drivers.

Want to learn how to drive your Porsche properly? Head to the PSDS and get learning.