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Porsche's Taycan EV interior has a whole lot o' screen

It's the best look inside to date.

It's undeniably a Porsche, but it looks just a bit more futuristic than the dashboards of other cars in the lineup, a nod to its electric underpinnings.

Some automakers run teaser campaigns that last so long, there's barely any fanfare left for the actual debut. Porsche is doing it right with the Taycan, dropping some decently sized nuggets of information from time to time. We sort of know what it looks like on the outside, but now, we've got a real good idea what it looks like inside.

Porsche on Thursday unveiled a series of sketches and renderings detailing the Taycan's interior. While the sketches don't leave much to the imagination, it really hits home in the renderings, which look like true-to-life photographs.

First and foremost, it looks pretty darn similar to both the current Porsche 911 and every one before it -- one of Porsche's goals, according to the press release accompanying the images. Whereas the 992-generation 911 still retains some physical gauges and controls, everything on the Taycan is digital. Further maintaining tradition is the power button, which rests to the left of the steering wheel, which is where the key used to go. Just to the right of the wheel is the gear selector, which looks a whole lot like the one in the 918 Spyder.

There's a 16.8-inch screen where the gauge cluster should be, with four modes on offer. The first is a "classic" mode with round gauges and a power meter replacing the tachometer in the center. The next two prioritize navigation, with a map either placed prominently or covering the whole display. Finally, there's a "pure" mode that keeps it simple, displaying only the speed, traffic signs and a minimalist navigation map. The headlight and adjustable vehicle controls live on the touch-capable edges of the glass.

The center console's screen can also show a charge meter when the vehicle is plugged in.


In the middle is a 10.9-inch infotainment screen and a smaller, optional infotainment screen across from the passenger, blending into the first in a single band of glass. Beneath that is an 8.4-inch screen for climate controls and handwriting recognition. It looks like an adaptation of Audi's MMI Touch Response system, one we've used and loved.

Porsche claims all the Taycan's interfaces have been completely redesigned, because the automaker has gone to great lengths to reduce the amount of physical switchgear in the cabin. What can't be accessed through a touch panel can likely be called up by use of Porsche's new digital assistant, which responds to "Hey, Porsche."

If you liked the digitally operated central vent in other new Porsches, you're going to love this HVAC system, because there's no way to move the vents with your hands. None. Instead, it's all done digitally through the climate-control menu. There are two different automatic modes that prioritize direct or indirect heating and cooling, in case you aren't that picky. Opt for four-zone automatic climate control and rear-seat occupants get a 5.9-inch screen to control their half.

Like every other Porsche, the Taycan's interior customization options are practically endless. But since it's an electric vehicle, there are some eco-friendlier inclusions here, like a microfiber that uses recycled polyester fibers and requires 80% less carbon dioxide to produce than traditional materials. The floor covering uses recycled fiber, too, some of which is taken from recycled fishing nets. There's also a whole lot of leather on offer, if tradition is more your speed. Wood, carbon, aluminum and fabric console and door trim is available, too.

The Porsche Taycan will be revealed in full in September.

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