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Porsche Taycan electric sedan joins brand subscription model

Subscribing to the car won't be cheap, though.

Like and subscribe to your luxury EV, if you want.

If you don't want any sort of long-term commitment to a Porsche Taycan, good news. The German brand said on Thursday the electric sedan is now part of the Porsche Drive subscription model, which allows individuals to pay one monthly fee to cover the car, maintenance and insurance.

Now, here's the bad news. Monthly subscription rates start at $2,500 for a rear-wheel drive Taycan. Opting for the Taycan 4S with all-wheel drive increases the monthly rate to $3,250. The figures are also before any additional taxes and fees, so yeah, this isn't a cheap way to get into a Taycan. Porsche also offers short-term rentals for some vehicles, now including the Taycan, with rates starting at $335 a day for one to three days. Four or more days costs $295 a day. The subscription prices are roughly 20% more than a comparable two-year lease, the company said. The added premium comes from the no-strings-attached system. We're talking about at least an $80,000 EV, remember.

There is another catch to the Taycan's addition to the subscription platform. To start, the EV will not be eligible as a swap-in vehicle like most of the Porsche Drive vehicles. Instead, if you subscribe to the Taycan, you're stuck with it, and if you subscribe to a separate vehicle, you can't choose a Taycan to change things up. In a few months, Porsche plans to remove the restrictions and add the rear-wheel drive model to the multi-vehicle subscription plan.

Along with the Taycan's arrival, Porsche Drive now extends to even more cities for fans and subscribers to take advantage of. With the addition of five new cities, the subscription service is available in Atlanta, Houston and Phoenix. Numerous cities in California are also part of the program, and Porsche plans to keep expanding.