Porsche considering new 3-row flagship SUV, report says

This new SUV would likely slot in above the Cayenne and let Porsche cash in on the popularity of large luxury SUVs.

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It appears that the folks in Stuttgart have their eye on big, luxury SUVs.


has been with us for a good long time as the top of Porsche's line of SUVs . Despite truckloads of criticism when the Cayenne first launched, Porsche has continually refined and sharpened it into the king of performance luxury SUVs. Only, going by a report published Tuesday by Automotive News Europe, the Cayenne's reign may now have an expiration date.

By that, we mean that Porsche is reportedly considering a new flagship ute, possibly one with three rows of seats, that would slot in above the Cayenne. While the idea of a big three-row SUV seems kind of un-Porsche, the folks in Stuttgart like money, and at this point, they'd be fools to not at least consider it.

The new model was reportedly shown to US Porsche dealers in render form during a recent meeting, and one dealer is quoted as saying, "It's a new style of vehicle that is part sedan, part crossover." To us, that sounds like a real tall , but without having seen the render ourselves, we can't say for sure.

Another dealer who purports to have seen the render claims it's "very un-Porsche-like" and that it has a "very flat rear design; it's nothing like the and Cayenne."

Porsche, for its part, opted not to comment to Automotive News Europe on future products beyond saying that there are lots of design studies that never get close to production, but whether that's the case here is anyone's guess. We asked Porsche for comment but didn't hear back in time for publication.

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