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Porsche recalls just 85 cars for airbags that may not deploy

No matter the quantity, that's not a problem you want.


If you own a vehicle that has airbags, you probably expect them to work in a collision. Porsche's latest recall addresses cars where that expectation might not be met.

Porsche has issued a recall for approximately 85 cars. That's a minuscule number for a recall -- Toyota recalled 744,000 minivans in November, to take a recent example -- but it's spread across a wide variety of models.

In the affected vehicles, the seat mounted side airbag inflator may not ignite during a crash. If that happens, the airbag may not deploy, which could lead to additional injuries. It's important to note that this has nothing to do with the Takata airbag inflator recalls covering millions of cars worldwide.

Thankfully, it's a quick fix. Porsche will take the recalled vehicles and replace the affected airbag modules at no cost. There's no set schedule yet for the recall, so affected owners should exercise due caution while waiting for a recall notice to arrive in the mail.

Here's the full list of affected models: