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Porsche recalls all the 918 Spyders out of an abundance of caution

After picking up on a simple printing error, Porsche decided to recall all 918 examples of its hybrid hypercar.

Some automakers are content to recall small batches of vehicles based on a decently large issue. Others are willing to eat the negative PR involved with a full-line recall. Porsche falls into the latter category this time, as it's recalled every single one of its 918 Spyder hypercars for an issue with two screws.

According to Porsche, the 918's own original parts catalog has a misprint, swapping two unique screws -- one for the seat belt mount, and one for the belt reel mount. They're one-time-use screws, so once they're in, they aren't meant to come back out. Porsche is concerned that this catalog error could result in incorrect screws being used in its 918 Spyder, so it's recalled the whole lot of 'em.

When you bring your vehicle into the dealer (or demand they come get it, because you paid a million dollars for the car, damn it), technicians will inspect the two screws to ensure they're in the correct locations. If they're wrong, Porsche will replace them for free. It's already rectified the error in its own catalog.

People like to talk about how the very-well-heeled are a different type of person than you or I. It's refreshing to know that they, too, must suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous recall misfortune.

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