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Porsche builds 911 Turbo out of massive Lego bricks

As if you needed another reason to visit the Porsche Museum.

No, it's not drivable, but that would be gnarly if it were.

Automakers occasionally construct life-size versions of their vehicles using standard Lego bricks, but Porsche's latest addition to its museum took a very unique angle on this practice.

The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany recently unveiled a new installation. It's a life-size original 911 Turbo constructed out of Lego bricks -- but instead of using actual Lego bricks, it used giant versions of them. You're not going to find these pieces on Bricklink, or anywhere for that matter -- they're very likely custom creations for this specific project.

It's basically an enlarged version of the 911 Turbo 3.0 you'd find in Lego's Speed Champions lineup. That one will set you back $30, and it comes with both the Turbo and a modern 911 RSR racecar. If you want something in-between the Porsche Museum's installation and the Speed Champions kit, there's a very involved Technic recreation of the 911 GT3 RS available for $300.

The original Porsche 911 Turbo was the fastest production car in Germany when it was released. Its 256-horsepower turbo flat-six doesn't sound that brutal by today's standards, considering it's less powerful than today's base 911, but it was a very demanding car by 1970s standards. For comparison's sake, the modern 911 Turbo puts out 540 horsepower in its least powerful specification.

It's not exactly hard to tell which one is which.