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Porsche has been testing the hell out of the Taycan Cross Turismo all over the world

On-track, on-road and off-road, this thing is getting put through its paces.

Are you silly? Of course Porsche's just gonna send it!

We've been excited about a more wagon-like variant of Porsche's decidedly excellent Taycan electric vehicle since we saw the Mission E Cross Turismo concept. It's an idea that just makes too much sense to our car-addled brains.

The folks in Stuttgart have been hard at work making the lifted electric wagon as good as it can be and of course, that involves lots of testing. Now, Porsche is claiming it's in the final stages of testing for the Cross Turismo and on Tuesday, it decided to show off some of what it's been up to.

Porsche's testing regimen has been seriously exhaustive, with stops at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and the Hockenheim Grand Prix circuit, as well as the VW Group's famed Nardo test track. 

But it hasn't been all pavement pounding for the Taycan Cross Turismo. It's gotten dirty too at in Arizona, Weissach's safari test track as well as in the South of France and the Pyrenees. This is for a vehicle that 99% of owners will likely never take further off-road than a short trip down an unpaved driveway. We're impressed by the dedication.

Porsche's Taycan Cross Turismo is set to launch this summer and, given how much we enjoy the Taycan in its various flavors, we're damned excited to get behind the wheel of this thing.

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