Porsche is working on a new electric Boxster concept, report says

The convertible is expected to ride on a new and as-yet-unannounced platform.

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2021 Porsche Boxster 25

As good as the Boxster already is, it's exciting to imagine it with instant torque.


Porsche has had an electric version of the convertible on its brain for over a decade now, having shown two versions of a Boxster E concept -- one with dual motors and all-wheel drive and two with single motors and rear-wheel drive -- way back in 2011. Now, according to a report published Saturday by Car and Driver, those wheels might be spinning again.

The news that Porsche is working on a new electric Boxster concept comes from comapny board member Michael Steiner. Porsche stated toward the end of 2020 that any future electric sports cars would ride on an as-yet announced bespoke platform. This platform would likely be focused on reduced weight over current platforms like the one that underpins the Taycan.

The development of this electric concept seems to be just one possible road forward for the brand, with work also progressing on its e-Fuel synthetic fuel for internal combustion engines. That e-Fuel would, in theory, extend the life of the company's internal combustion engines and the models that use them.

It's hard to say when we might see an electric sports car concept from Porsche, especially when you consider the long gestation period for the Taycan. It went from the Mission E concept in 2015 to the production Taycan in five years. Still, with more sophisticated EV technology being developed every day, the wait could be significantly shorter this time around.

"We are looking at a number of potential concepts and scenarios for an electrified two-door, but a final decision has not been made yet," a Porsche spokesperson told Roadshow in an email Monday. "The weight of the vehicle remains a key focus point, as it's essential to the desired performance, handling and feel of our two-door vehicles."

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