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Porsche Design's $3,000 soundbar includes a 911 GT3 muffler

When you're paying that much for a soundbar, it had better be this over-the-top.

Why this is filed under "For Men" on Porsche Design's website has yet to be determined.

Porsche Design

Surely, at some point in history, a human being has returned from a long night of drinking and decided to create a sound system using car-exhaust components. In fact, it appears that a whole company's worth of decision-makers did exactly that, because Porsche Design will sell you a soundbar built from a muffler. For about $3,000.

Of course, it's not just any old muffler -- it's the silencer and tailpipes from a Porsche 911 GT3, one of its most capable 911 variants. Even better, the pipes aren't just bolted onto your average soundbar. The parts actually help resonate the sound, adding depth and volume. With a 200-watt output, Bluetooth connectivity, analog (cinch) and digital (coaxial, optional) inputs, it's a pretty slick little soundbar.

Porsche isn't the first company to make an exhaust into a sound system, though. Hammacher-Schlemmer, a toy catalog for one-percenter adults, will turn $8,500 into a speaker dock made from old Formula 1 exhaust manifolds. A company called IXOOST (please don't ask how to pronounce that) will do something similar for about $5,500.

When you look at it in context, the Porsche Design soundbar is actually kind of a bargain.