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Porsche Classic reprints over 700 original owner's manuals and related documents

Whether you're an owner or just a curious car geek, this is good news.

I don't know about you, but Porsche just gave me decades' worth of holiday wish-list material.

Porsche Classic is doing an excellent job of ensuring that the brand's oldest running cars are still cared for, whether it involves 3D-printing hard-to-find parts or offering factory radio upgrades with Bluetooth and navigation. Now, it's started reprinting old manuals and documents for the most meticulous collectors.

Porsche announced this week that over 700 owner's manuals and other documents are now available for ordering through any Porsche dealership around the world, or through Porsche Classic's online shop. Depending on what you're after, the reprints cost between $70 and $150.

The rerelease of technical literature is huge. In addition to owner's manuals covering everything from the original 356 through the 996, Porsche Classic also reprinted technical documents, recommended settings, warranty documents, maintenance booklets -- you name it, Porsche probably has it available now. The automaker claims that the new prints match the original in terms of look, quality and content.

If English isn't your mother tongue, don't worry. Porsche said that its reprints are available in a variety of languages, including German (natch). This could be a huge boon for collectors, as manuals aren't made of the heartiest material and many documents get lost to the winds of time. Now, if your 911SC has everything but the manual, that can change.

Porsche Classic is dedicated to ensuring as many old Porsches as possible stay on the road, whether it's through modernization or simply keeping the thing running. A few years ago, Porsche introduced a radio upgrade for old models that added a small navigation screen and Bluetooth streaming for media and phone calls. Last year, the automaker said it started 3D-printing certain hard-to-find parts that were no longer in production, like the 959's clutch release lever. Porsche Classic also thinks big -- Project Gold took an original body shell and rebuilt the car around it using brand-spanking-new parts, and it eventually sold at auction for $3.4 million.