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Josh Miller/CNET

Porsche Cayenne S combines sports car and SUV

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2011 Porsche Cayenne S.

Porsche Cayenne
Josh Miller/CNET

Automakers started using the term crossover this decade referring to vehicles that combined the comfortable ride of a car and the carrying capacity of an SUV. But Porsche's idea seems to have been to combine SUV qualities with the handling of a sports car. The new Cayenne S uses an array of handling and stability technology to attack turns with almost the aggressiveness of a 911.

The 2011 Cayenne S sees some important tech updates, such as the inclusion of torque vectoring on the all-wheel-drive system, putting a little more twist on the outside wheel when cornering, and some really lush 3D maps on the navigation system.

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