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How the Porsche 911 got its name

This legendary sports car was almost called something quite different.

The Porsche 911 is probably the world's greatest sports car. From racetracks and mountain roads to the highways in between, this purposeful machine has been delighting drivers for nearly six decades.

Since its debut, there have practically been more 911 models than there are pages on Wikipedia, from Carreras and Cabriolets to Targas and Turbos, plus a laundry list special-edition cars. Hell, there are at least 20 different variants to choose from today, which can make shopping for a new 911 a little bit confusing.

But where did this automotive icon come from and what does that three-digit name actually mean? Well, there's quite an interesting backstory to this legendary sports car. It involves Volkswagen, the French and even Dr. Ferdinand Porsche himself.

For all the juicy details on the Porsche 911, watch the video above.