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The Porsche 911 Carrera T suggests that paying more and getting less can make sense

There may be some seemingly large omissions in the Porsche 911 Carrera T, like any kind of infotainment system or even rear seats, but less can definitely be more.

It might look like a standard 911 but it's both more, and less than that.

The early months of the year are a time when a lot of people tuck their sports cars up in the garage. The idea of taking them out on cold, salty, wet roads is anathema to these owners. And in some ways I understand that -- a GT3 or 911 R is a beautiful thing that you don't want to subject to the worst of the weather. The Carrera T, however, is a car that should be driven all year round. It feels like an everyday driver's 911. Break stride in October just to bung on a set of winter tires and then get stuck in through the snow, sleet and salt.

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And we certainly put that theory into practice on this shoot. We had rain and ice, and it was one of the coldest shoots that I have ever been on. The temperature might only have been hovering around freezing, but the way the wind whipped across the bleak landscape of Exmoor meant it felt much, much colder. The icy blast seemed to cut through clothing and chilled me to the bone within seconds of stepping out from the shelter of the car.

Thankfully, it is a lovely car to be in. With the infotainment left off the spec sheet, along with back seats, there is a singularity of purpose to the Carrera T that puts it in the same bracket as cars like the 911 R. 

No, it doesn't quite have the magic of the machines that emerge from the GT department at Porsche, but it is still an involving and deeply enjoyable thing to drive. The engine in particular deserves praise. It doesn't quite tingle the spine like a naturally aspirated motor, but it has a supremely linear power delivery and still loves to rev. It is fantastic having both the flexibility to shift early and row through the gears enjoying more chances to exercise your left foot, but then also access tremendous pace if you hold onto each ratio. And all this from a base Carrera engine.