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Pope Francis goes green with his new electric car

It's all in an attempt to make Vatican City a little greener.

Vatican City is determined to become the first "carbon-dioxide-free" country in the world (yes, it's its own nation and not just a city). And it's getting a little help from Opel.

Opel presented Pope Francis with the keys to a new Ampera-e during the conference "Laudato Sì: The Sustainability of Communication and Innovation." The conference focused on sustainability in the 21st century. To that end, Opel, Vatican City and Italian energy company Enel promised to create a sustainable mobility program for the smallest state in the world.

I guess that makes this car a Popel.

Sorry, I'll see myself out.


While Opel's press release says that Vatican City wants to become the first "carbon-dioxide-free" country in the world, I don't think that's literally possible, considering humans excrete the stuff daily. More than likely, it's an attempt at carbon neutrality, which means the net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is zero.

The Opel Ampera-e may look familiar, and that's because it's also known as the Chevrolet Bolt EV in the US. Over here, its lithium-ion battery provides a range of about 238 miles. Considering that Vatican City has an area of just 0.17 square miles, that'd be enough to traverse the city several times over.