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Pop goes the Kia concept

Kia released photos of its Pop concept electric car ahead of the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

Kia Pop concept
Kia will show its new Pop concept at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Kia

The Paris Motor Show is more than a month away, but Kia just released photos of a new concept it will put on display. The Pop shows the type of outrageous design that draws a crowd, but never enters production.

Although the front looks like it could come from a Japanese Kei-class car, the Pop's side graphic uses a lozenge shape in the door. The top of the car is all glass, letting plenty of light into the cabin.

Kia says little about the car, other than it can hold three passengers and is powered by an electric motor. Given that the tiny Mitsubishi iMiev has room for an electric power train, it seems a practical choice for the Pop. The cabin configuration is quite cozy, with a single bench seat allowing the three passengers to sit side by side.