Poover pooper scooter cleans up Islington

In what is perhaps a new low for Crave's dignity, we meet the Poover, a modified scooter currently keeping London's streets safe from dog mess

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Richard Trenholm

A local authority is employing a faeces rider to clean up the mean streets of North London. Islington Council has unleashed the Poover, a modified Honda 125cc scooter, to clean up dog mess.

First, the poover sprays the doggie doings with a jet of water to 'loosen' it. All the while, a smelliflous detergent sterilises and deodorises the area. A handheld suction nozzle then hoovers up the resulting muck mélange, storing 25 litres of canine crap on the back of the scooter. You wouldn't want to rear-end that council worker -- it'd be a miniature version of the manure scene in Back to the Future.

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