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Ponies on ice: 2018 Ford Mustang gets its own ice cream flavor

No, it doesn't taste like horses. That's awful. Why would you think that?

Ford's involvement with a new ice cream flavor might just be an excuse for the marketing team to eat sweets for a few weeks, but it's still pretty cool (groan) nevertheless.

In anticipation of Sunday's National Ice Cream Day, Ford teamed up with Coolhaus to create the Orange Fury ice cream flavor. It's based on the 2018 Ford Mustang's paint job of the same name (and color). Ford didn't say what it tastes like, but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest it has something to do with oranges.

The edible wrapper is made from potato, but I'm sure you can't taste the tuber.


You can grab a scoop of the stuff by itself, or you can let Coolhaus whip up an entire dessert for you. The ice cream company created a sandwich using two vanilla cookies covered in orange icing, with the Orange Fury ice cream smack dab in the middle. Holding the whole thing together is a Mustang-printed edible wrapper.

Coolhaus will be offering the Orange Fury ice cream this weekend at its flagship store in Culver City, California. It will also hand out the cold stuff in various parts of New York City until Sunday.