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Police Caprice

Automotive News reports on GM's plans to relaunch the Chevrolet Caprice as a police car.

Chevrolet Caprice police car
Chevrolet Caprice police car returns in 2011. Automotive News

Automotive News

The Caprice name will return to Chevrolet in 2011 on a rear-drive police car, shown as a concept. It will be manufactured in Australia and is based on the platform used on the Pontiac G8 and Chevrolet Camaro. The rear-wheel drive Ford Crown Victoria has the bulk of the U.S. police car business, but Ford is dropping the Crown Vic in 2011. A front-wheel drive Taurus police car is under development. General Motors is determining whether all Chevrolet dealers will be eligible to sell and service the car.

(Source: Automotive News)