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Polestar shows us how far the Tesla Model 3 goes at highway speeds

Why? Because the delta between the Polestar 2 and Tesla Model 3 is pretty minimal.

2021 Polestar 2

Polestar has a new electric car coming, so it decided to enlist independent research to show us how far the Tesla Model 3 goes.

That sounds like a "huh?" kind of moment considering the Polestar 2 doesn't have its own EPA-estimated range figures just yet, but that didn't stop the EV brand from showing us how the upcoming electric car performs in the real world.

On Thursday, Volvo Cars' electric car division shared the results of an independent range study, which FT Techno conducted at its proving grounds in Fowlerville, Michigan. Aside from a standard Polestar 2 and one of the sedans equipped with the Performance Package, FT Techno invited a Jaguar I-Pace, Audi E-Tron and the aforementioned Model 3, specifically a Model 3 Performance.

While each car clocked its EPA-estimated combined rating fairly well, the study showed some of the cars don't quite deliver as well at high speeds. In this case, 70 mph around an oval track to mimic a road trip. With the climate control set to 72 degrees inside, and the sunnier skies creating an 85-degree outside temperature, each of the cars ran until their batteries depleted with regenerative braking off or toggled to the least-aggressive setting.

While we tend to measure the EV race in total range, usable range is perhaps, well, more useful. The test showed the Audi E-Tron was actually most efficient and achieved 92% of its EPA-estimated range. Without final EPA estimates, Polestar brought its in-house 250-mile range estimate to the table and placed second in this test, achieving 82% of the estimate. The Jaguar I-Pace came in third with 80% of its estimate and Polestar 2 with the Performance Package behind it with 79% of its estimate. The Tesla Model 3? It placed last with 75% of its estimated range.

Now, there's a second way to look at this as well. On the flip side, the Tesla Model 3 still went the furthest and clocked 234 miles before petering out. Here, the Polestar 2 still falls in second place and went 205 miles. Behind them, the 2 with the Performance Package went 197 miles, the I-Pace did 188 miles and the E-Tron wracked up 187 miles.

However, looking at how much each car lost compared to their official ratings paints a more realistic picture. It's especially true for those who do more long-distance driving, rather than short stints away from highways.

We've already had a couple goes in the Polestar 2 so far, but we can't wait to spend more time with the EV, and most definitely do some range testing of our own.

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