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Polestar teases first new car, shows off its vulgar side

This might be the first time I've seen an automaker one of the more hard-core curse words in its marketing.

Polestar is preparing its big split away from Volvo, and it's dipping into foul-mouthed language to get the public ready for something equally vulgar.

Volvo's performance spin-off has already been teasing its new car, which we believe will be a coupe, on its Instagram page. It added to the suspense with a new YouTube video that, among other things, promises the car will be "no bullshit." Yep, that phrase is in a video from a major auto manufacturer. Welcome to 2017, I guess.

Polestar's first car won't be borrowed from Volvo's stable. Rather, it will be its own new thing. Given Polestar's desire to electrify every one of its new cars, it would be reasonable to expect that its October 17 debut will be either a plug-in hybrid or a battery-electric vehicle. Volvo already has proven experience with plug-ins, so it's likely that. Volvo plans to release its first battery-electric EV in 2019, according to reports.

Rumors abound that Polestar's car will have some crazy power output, somewhere north of 500 horsepower. That's certainly one way to enter the market with a bang and not a whimper. We'll find out for sure when it debuts on Oct. 17.