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Polestar teases first coupe under new performance brand

At least, we think it's a coupe...

Back in June, Volvo announced that its Polestar in-house performance brand would spin off and start work on its own performance-oriented vehicles. Now, we're about to see the first fruits of that labor.

On October 17, Polestar will show off a new car, and to get the public excited, it started putting out small teasers on its Instagram page. Each of those teasers comes with a number, and a user on the SwedeSpeed forum stitched them together in a mosaic. The result is, well, a car that looks like a Volvo, which is hardly a surprise.

Here's most of the teasers stitched together -- the ones released thus far, at least. Those taillights look pretty familiar...

Polestar / SwedeSpeed Forum

But, unlike Volvo's current stable of new cars, which is nothing but sedans, SUVs and a wagon, this one appears to be a coupe. According to Motor1's sources, it will be a high-performance coupe putting out in excess of 500 horsepower, but none of that has been confirmed, and probably won't be until the car's debut.

Given Polestar's desire to build hi-po electrified offerings, it would make sense that this new coupe would carry either a battery-electric or a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. Volvo already has its T8 PHEV drivetrain, which could live in this new coupe, albeit with a bit more horsepower.

It bears a bit of similarity to the Volvo Concept Coupe, a 2013 concept from the Frankfurt Motor Show that gave us hints to Volvo's current design language before the XC90 debuted. That concept also alluded to other features that would become available on production models, like a semi-autonomous driving system (now Pilot Assist) and the aforementioned PHEV drivetrain.