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Polestar 2 helps drivers scout an EV-friendly trip with 'A Better Routeplanner' support

ABRP is a lovely smartphone app for EV drivers, but the 2's Android-based infotainment system now provides native support.

OGI Polestar 2 ABRP app
Super neat.

Electric vehicle road trips in the Polestar 2 just got a little easier with native support from A Better Routeplanner, a smartphone app built to help EV owners map out the best route to ensure charging stations are aplenty along the way. With the 2's Android-based infotainment system, ABRP built an app especially for the big display screen, which is even nicer.

Polestar said the native support with an app built specifically for the Android infotainment system underscores the positives that come with its operating system strategy. Essentially, any app developer can work with Polestar to bring an app meant for smartphones to the car and optimize it. "We really value the ability for the community of both developers and Polestar 2 owners to influence what we can include in the car," said Aloka Muddukrishna, UX designer at Polestar.

With ABRP onboard, drivers can plan the perfect route to ensure charging station stops along the way, and even account for other variables such as the 2's vehicle load or whether the car has a roof box atop. Towing is also supported with the app, and drivers can plug the element into the app to get a better idea of which route suits them best. After inputting the information, ABRP can also export the route to Google Maps, also built right into the 2's infotainment system. Essentially, this should be pretty darn seamless for owners.

We'll likely see the number of apps built specifically for the car continue to grow, but for now, 2 owners will find the ABRP app in the Google Play store in their car.