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The race is on for Pokemon Go

We pitted a 2016 Mazda3 against a 2016 Chevy Tahoe to see which is the best for catching all the monsters. Let's get 'em!

Caitlin Petrakovitz Director of audience
Caitlin Petrakovitz studies the Marvel Cinematic Universe like it's a course in school, with an emphasis on the Infinity Saga years. As an audience expert, she rarely writes but when she does it's most certainly about Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Westworld, San Diego Comic-Con and great streaming properties. Or soccer, that's a thing she loves, too.
Caitlin Petrakovitz
Watch this: Racing for Pokemon Go!

What happens when you really want to catch Pokemon? Well, if you review cars, you use them to help you get them all!

With a 2016 Mazda3 and a 2016 Chevy Tahoe sitting pretty in our garage, we decided to see which would be the PokeRally winner. With two drivers and two trainers, we took off with a 30-minute time limit to see who could catch the most Pokemon, who could catch the most powerful Pokemon and who could earn the most XP points.

Please do not take this as an endorsement of driving while Pokemon-ing -- it is anything but that. We made sure we had drivers who were experienced and who obeyed the laws of the road at all times -- no matter how much Christine Cain and I screamed at them. Always be safe when playing Pokemon Go and aware of your surroundings!