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Pirelli shows off some pretty smart tires

The tire manufacturer is now offering color-accent tires that are connected to the cloud.

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With cars becoming smarter and smarter, it was only a matter of time before we saw intelligent tires as well. Pirelli showed us their version of a connected tire at this year's Geneva Motor Show, and it gets dressed up to boot.

You can now order your tires with painted color accents. Current offerings are red, white, yellow and silver, although the company will also create a custom color for you if that's your bag. Pirelli took their cue from F1, which has been using color on tires since 2011 to distinguish tire types. So if you've ever wanted to add a bit of flair to your ride, now is your chance.


The Pirelli smart tire technology can gather information and send it to the driver's phone.


In addition to fashionable tires, Pirelli is also offering a smart tire. The Pirelli Cannesso technology is available on the P Zero or winter Sottozero models and embeds a small sensor into the wall of the tire. It weighs less than two grams and Pirelli says it does not impact tire performance. The sensor can collect all kinds of data, including tire temperature and pressure, vertical loads, tire wear and even how far the tire has travelled. All that information is delivered to the driver via an app, which can then find the nearest Pirelli dealership for maintenance and even order a tire if needed.

Customers can choose vanity tires, smart tires or smart and vain tires. Pre-orders are being accepted now, with delivery slated for summer of 2017.