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Pint-size D-Type Jaguar on the auction block

A British-built recreation of the 1955 "long nose" D-Type Jaguar will be auctioned-off by Bonhams in the United Kingdom on September 17.

The gas-powered, four-speed D-Type Jaguar is built to two-thirds scale. Bonhams

A scaled-down version of a 1955 "long nose" D-Type Jaguar will be auctioned on September 17 by Goodwood Revival as part of the Collectors' Motor Cars and Automobilia.

The one-of-a-kind "Little D" is powered by a four-stroke 110cc OHV electric start, gas engine. The four-speed automatic also features a rear-mounted engine and parental-controlled kill-switch.

It has an aluminum chassis, green suede upholstery, and working lights.

To preregister for the auction, apply at Bonhams auction site. But it looks like you'd have to attend the auction in Chichester, Sussex (about 70 miles south of London) to bid. It's estimated the car will sell for between $15,000 and $23,000.

Details on the auction site say the car would be perfect for any young driver racing in Little Big Mans, but there are no details on how fast the car can actually go.