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Photos: Garmin nuvi 200 sat-nav range

Garmin's latest additions to the nüvi range of sat-nav systems, include a whole new budget series and an update to the existing 660 model


Today, CeBIT sees the arrival of a new range of budget sat-nav GPS systems from Garmin -- the nüvi 200 (pictured), nüvi 250 and the nüvi 270. These new models are a bold new venture for Garmin, whose GPS systems have previously been tailored towards the more demanding consumer, with the company's focus being high-end navigation systems.

The new nüvi 200 series is a step towards providing ultra-stylish, sleek and pocketable GPS systems to people who simply want to get where they want to be and don't want to take out a second mortgage. These new systems work right out of the box and require absolutely no experience with GPS or a degree in cartography to operate.

Like all sat-nav products, the nüvi 200, 250 and 270 all feature touch-screen navigation and will display crisp, full-colour maps. Unlike some sat-navs however, this new series of products come with the antenna built into the unit -- no fold-away aerials to mess around with here. We're assuming this was to ensure the systems retain a minimal cosmetic appeal, without compromising performance. Signal reception will remain as high as with a normal external antenna.

All models in the new 200 series feature voice-prompted 'turn-by-turn' technology, quickly recalculating a route to get you back on track if you take a wrong turning.

Also new at CeBIT is the Garmin nüvi 660FM, which adds FM transmission of voice prompts to a car stereo, to the established and feature-packed nüvi 660 model. Click through for more photos. -NL

The nüvi 250 is the mid-range model in the new 200 series and is expected to retail at £199.

Expected to retail at £269, the nüvi 270 is the high-end model in the new 200 series.

The nüvi 660FM builds on the features of the nüvi 660, but adds FM transmission. The in-car radio can be tuned into the 660FM and direct voice prompts through the car's main speakers, for some serious volume in your navigation.