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Peugeot BB1: The car you can tweet from

Peugeot shows off a new concept car at the 2009 Frankfurt auto show that integrates with the iPhone.

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Peugeot BB1
Rory Reid/CNET UK

We're seeing some pretty futuristic cars here at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but none more so than the Peugeot BB1. According to its maker, it's a totally original response to the current and future needs of urban mobility, and one of those needs is drive-anywhere Internet access.

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If you look past the uber-beautiful models casually sitting inside the BB1 (it won't actually come with these), you'll see an iPod dock carved into the steering wheel. This connects your music collection to the BB1's entertainment system, and also feeds data to a centrally mounted display, on which you can fiddle with the radio, navigation options and Internet. Yes, you read that correctly--the Internet. The World Wide Web. The Jesus tubes, people.

We've yet to test it for ourselves (it's only in the concept phase), but from what we can ascertain, the data connection is achieved by tethering your iPhone to the dock. Once tethered, the BB1 has the ability to access the Web at broadband speeds, and uses an unspecified on-board computer to handle processing, while any data is shown on the dashboard display.

Peugeot says the BB1 is built on values of "liberty, optimism and altruism," which basically means it's electric and won't pollute the environment. Two li-ion batteries are fitted, as are two 7.5kW (20hp) Michelin wheel motors, mounted inside each rear wheel. According to a man at Peugeot, the BB1 will have a range of around 120km and go from 0-30kmph in a relatively respectable 2.8 seconds. It will apparently hit a top speed of 90kmph.

We've no idea when it will go to market, but we definitely want one. Imagine being able to tweet AAA when you've broken down, or enjoying a spot of YouTube when you're stuck in traffic. This, kiddies, is the future.

(Source: Crave UK)