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Old cars, NASCARs and way too many red cars: Our week on Instagram

Two weeks in a row! It's like I actually remembered to write this thing this week.

If you ask a member of Carfection or Roadshow what they've been up to in the past week, the answer is usually along the lines of, "Hold on, I'm super busy right now." We're not being jerks -- we are actually busy. Which is why a great way to keep track of our antics is by following us on Instagram.

Carfection started out the week at Goodwood, then Alex taught his mom to drift. Following that, Ol' Baldy brought us some of the first pictures of the new Porsche Panamera. Drew, on the other hand, spent the week indulging childhood fantasies by driving a Ghostbusters Cadillac and some proper stock cars. I'm hoping the words "Shake and Bake!" were thrown around a few times.

Meanwhile, over at Roadshow, Chris Paukert is once again bucking trends. I have a red car (Miata). Emme Hall has a red car (Audi R8 V10). Jon Wong has two red cars (Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, Chevrolet SS). But Chris? Chris has a blue car. I forgive him, though, because it's a BMW M2 and it's everything I wished the M4 was but isn't. It's such a great car.