Cadillac to tease XT4 SUV in massive Oscars ad blitz

Expect the automaker to pimp Super Cruise and other recent innovations, as well.

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has a brand-new SUV in the pipeline, and it's using its Academy Awards sponsorship to make sure everyone knows about it.

Cadillac will use the Oscars to tease its new XT4 crossover. It has three different commercials planned. The first, "Future is Here," is more of an overview of everything, including the XT4 and Cadillac's Book subscription service. The second, " Future Cars ," focuses on new tech like the semi-autonomous Super Cruise.

The third and final ad spot, which is the one we've embedded up top, is all about the XT4. The other two are down below for your perusing pleasure.

We still don't know too much about the XT4. It'll debut on Mar. 27 ahead of a proper unveiling at the New York Auto Show . Based on the teasers, it won't look wildly different than the XT5 crossover, which makes sense since Cadillac's current lineup is relatively homogenous. Lord knows Cadillac will see fit to continue teasing it until the New York Auto Show, so we're bound to learn more before the end of March.

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