Reborn Opel Manta has more than mini muscle car looks, it gets a digital grille

Like a shrunken Plymouth 'Cuda, it's retro and quite modern all at once.

The variety!

Back in March, Opel shared the first teaser of the reborn Manta sports car, and it's coming back to life as an electric car. At the time, I praised its seriously awesome retro vibes, and it definitely still looks like a baby Plymouth 'Cuda. But, on Tuesday, Opel shared a little more: the car's nifty digital grille.

Opel calls it a "pixel vizor" that can display a variety of messages and logos. I assume you won't be able to splash the front end with explicit content or angry emojis, but still, this is neat. It's not hard to imagine this sort of trend becoming a reality for numerous cars in the future.

For now, Opel just showed the car with two different messages. One reads, "My German heart's been Elektrified" and the other, "I am on a zero e-mission." The other shots show the car with either a reimagined Manta badge or the modern Opel badge stuck between the thin and angular headlights, which are also part of the digital grille.

The company continued to speak of this car as a passion project so it's not clear if the new Manta foreshadows a resurrected production car or not. I hope it does because this little EV looks seriously cool. We'll see the car debut in full on May 19.