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Opel launches five new LPG models in Germany

Opel announces 5 new models of liquefied petroleum gas powered vehicles.

Opel now offers five liquefied petroleum gas powered Corsa, Meriva, Astra station wagon, and Zafira models with a wide performance range, expanding its line of environmentally-friendly EcoFlex models with alternative propulsion. The Opel LPG models can run on gasoline or LPG--the switch happens automatically, but can also be made by pressing a button. These models have both gasoline and LPG tanks. The LPG tank is located either in the spare-wheel well (Corsa, Meriva, Astra station wagon) or under the vehicle floor (Zafira), ensuring storage space and load volume remain unchanged. Instead of the spare wheel, a tire repair set is onboard for emergencies. Vehicle operating range can be significantly increased by using both tanks--for example, the LPG Astra station wagon can cover up to about 808 miles without stopping to refuel. And CO2 emissions during LPG operation are 10 percent to 13 percent lower than in gasoline mode.

Vehicles fitted with an LPG engine have advantages over retrofit solutions. The power train is specifically designed for operation with LPG, and special valves and valve-seat inserts are among the elements that ensure durability. The vehicles all went through extensive endurance tests, the LPG tank and all components were subjected to crash tests and meet all safety standards.

(Source: Opel)