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Onewheel+ street skateboard gets faster, smarter and sexier

The Onewheel gets a new premium model that adds design polish, advanced app customisation and now gets you moving at the speed of an Olympic sprinter.

If you like the idea of the Onewheel (a powered skateboard with one wheel in the middle) but thought it looked a little too industrial the first time around, take a look at the sleek new Onewheel+.

At a top speed of 19mph (30kph), you can now fly down the street at world-class sprinter speeds. That kind of speed makes the $1,499 price tag (AU$2,059; £1,215) a little more bearable (and it's just $200 more than the original).

  • 19mph (30kph)
  • Redesigned motor
  • New footplates and sensors
  • Curvy new styling
  • Upgraded app customisation

Personal transport devices you can stand or sit on are coming in all shapes and sizes now. Cheap two-wheeled hoverboards, fancier two-wheeled Segways and Ninebots and more. But there's nothing else quite like the Onewheel. In fact, when one manufacturer tried to bring something similar to CES 2016, it was swiftly ejected from the show by US marshals due to patent infringement.

OneWheel Plus

New curves add some polish to the OneWheel and there's extra power inside that wheel too.

Future Motion

We covered the original Onewheel at CES in the past and thought it was a comfortable and fun ride. But this year at CES, Future Motion, the company behind Onewheel, has given it the "+" upgrade that it says makes the device easier, faster and smoother to ride around town.

The update is all about refinement. The footboards are now curved and styled rather than looking like two planes of wood, with an aim to make Onewheel easier to get started on and ride smoothly. A redesigned motor delivers that extra speed as well as extra grunt when climbing hills, plus a quieter ride too. And for more-advanced riders, there are new customisation options through the connected Onewheel app to get the feeling of the ride and overall performance just the way you want them.

We'll be seeing the new Onewheel+ in the flesh very soon here at CES 2017.