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One is the loneliest number: Hyundai looking to buddy up with Google

The automaker's largely paved its own way thus far, but with autonomy and other tech innovations on the way, it might be time to call in some help.

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It's dangerous to go alone! Take this! [hands Hyundai a map to Google's HQ]

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These days, automotive industry collaborations are commonplace. Ridesharing and tech companies are popular partnerships right now, as the industry moves toward self-driving vehicles and a new sharing economy. It's hard to go it alone, and it appears Hyundai is finally realizing this.

The automaker is reportedly in talks with Google to discuss new partnership options, according to Bloomberg. Jeong Jin Haeng, Hyundai Motors' president, said during an interview that the two companies have some overlap that could bring about collaboration. Although, given Google's partnerships with other automakers, including Chrysler, it would appear that Hyundai needs the help more than Google does.

Hyundai and Google have more in common than just the need to advance in the auto industry. John Krafcik used to head Hyundai's US division before moving to Google to help with its autonomous vehicle development. Krafcik could be a great intermediary for fostering collaboration between the two companies.

Hyundai's autonomous developments appear to lag behind the rest of the industry. While Ford is planning to sell self-driving cars by 2021, with other automakers making similar moves, Hyundai has been awfully quiet on this front. It's been working hard on smaller advances, though, like adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to a good chunk of its lineup.