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One good in-dash iPad deserves another

The guys over at Sound Man are back at it again with a second in-dash iPad installation that is both removable and utilizes the vehicle's current stereo.

SoundMan Car Audio/YouTube
SoundMan's in-dash iPad ver. 2.0
SoundMan Car Audio/YouTube

Remember the world's first in-dash iPad from last week? Well, the guys over at SoundMan Car Audio are at it again. This time, they're modding a place for Apple's slate into the dashboard of a Nissan Maxima.

Last time, the installers planned to utilize an aftermarket pre-amp and amplifier setup. For this go-round, they've opted to run the iPad's audio out through a double-DIN Kenwood eXcelon receiver's auxiliary input to power the speakers. This way, they get all of the benefits of having the iPad in-dash, but still have a variety of audio sources to choose from if the iPad is removed. It's also a much simpler setup to replicate, with fewer components. Behind the iPad's custom cradle at the top of the center stack is a second smaller screen that appears to be connected to some sort of rear view camera system.

Check the video below for a short look at the installation in action: