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OLEDs out the wazoo: Cadillac teases Pebble Beach design concept

The future of Cadillac? Screens. Lots of screens. Have I said the word "screens" enough yet?

If you want a sneak peek at the future of Cadillac's design, look no further than Pebble Beach this coming Thursday. The automaker will roll out a new design concept during Monterey Car Week, and if you like screens, you're going to love it. Don't like screens in your car? Well, uh, I got nothin' for you, then.

Cadillac's teaser focuses on the concept's interior, which is loaded with curved OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens, which were codeveloped with LG. From the brief glimpse of the screens in the teaser, I can tell you that it looks leaps and bounds ahead of Cadillac's current Cue infotainment system, mostly because it appears to function correctly.

OLEDs are slowly expanding into the automotive sector. BMW's forthcoming M4 GTS uses them in the taillights, and Audi uses them for the same purpose in its TT RS performance car. Due to manufacturing processes, OLEDs are quite versatile, as they're capable of being printed on flexible panels, opening up whole new designs that might have been off limits for traditional LEDs.

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