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The oldest Vespa in existence is up for auction

It's registered as No. 3 of 60 prototypes built.

piaggio vespa Series 0
Courtesy of Catawiki

If you dream of zipping around Rome on a classic Vespa like Audrey Hepburn, then listen up. The world's oldest Vespa is up for auction.

The scooter is from Piaggio's "0 Series" with the serial number 1003 and was built in 1946, making it the third prototype of 60 made by the famous company.

Because the first two have since gone to scooter heaven, 1003 is now the oldest Vespa.

But don't expect the scooter to go for cheap. Catawiki, the company hosting the auction, expects it to sell in the ballpark of $268,150 to $348,600. At the time of writing, the leading bid was $174,297, with five days of bidding left.

When the auction is over, the deep-pocketed owner won't win just a museum piece, because this Vespa still runs.