Now you can buy a BMW X7 that'll withstand small-arms fire

The armored X7, built by Inkas in Canada, looks almost normal from the outside.

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2020 BMW X7 M50i

Sure, the X7 is cool and fast and comfy, but can it stop a bunch of bullets?

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Here at Roadshow, we're fans of BMW's X7 SUV. It's big, sure, but it's also handsome, comfy and more fun to drive than you might expect. It's also extremely well-equipped, even among its similarly well-heeled competition.

During our time with it, we didn't feel like the X7 was really missing anything, but then we realized we weren't oligarchs or heads of international crime families or being chased by John Wick, so we had left "protection from small-arms fire" off our list of needs. Luckily, Canadian company Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing seems to be thinking of those kinds of people, announcing its armored X7 on Wednesday.

What exactly does a heavily armored BMW X7 look like? From the outside, it looks like pretty much any other BMW X7. From the inside, though things are a bit different -- namely, it's much harder to see out of. The glass is heavily laminated and some of the area is reduced. This layering helps the Inkas X7 achieve its EN 1063 BR6 armor rating. That rating will stand three direct hits by a 7.62x51mm NATO rifle bullet, in case you're wondering.

Inkas confirmed in a statement that it makes adjustments to both the suspension and braking systems for the armored X7 to retain a factory-like driving experience. It also confirmed that you're going to need more than couch change to put one of these in your garage. The Inkas armored X7 will retail for between $240,000 and $250,000, depending on options. For comparison, the BMW X7 M50i xDrive on which it's based starts at $100,795, including delivery fees.

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Update, Feb. 18: Adds pricing information and details on suspension and braking modifications, per Inkas Armored.