Nokia Here Connected Driving updates your car's sat-nav

Nokia Here Connected Driving puts the power of your smart phone's maps apps into your car.

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No matter where you go, there you are. And while you're on the road, Nokia Here Connected Driving puts the power of your smart phone's maps apps into your car when you get behind the wheel.

Nokia's suite of Here Connected Driving apps -- Here Auto, Here Auto Cloud, and Here Auto Companion -- connect your car to the cross-platform Nokia Here maps so you always have up-to-date data when you hit the road.

Car-makers can use the Here SDK to build the apps into new cars, or you can use them on your phone. It doesn't even have to be a Nokia blower.

Here Connected Driving gives you turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation in 95 countries, with 2D, 3D and satellite map views and street view imagery. The good thing is that it updates constantly, so your sat-nav data isn't stuck at the point at which you bought the car or last forked out for updated new maps.

Here Auto Cloud provides real-time traffic updates to dodge traffic jams and road closures. And you can also see recommendations on places to eat, nearby parking spots, directions to the nearest charging point for your electric car, or where to find cheaper fuel.

If you forget where you park, Here Auto Companion uses your phone to help you find your jalopy with augmented-reality directions, and even checks up on your car’s fuel levels and tire pressure.

Nokia has pumped loads of money into its Here suite of map apps. Here powers various apps for Windows Phone as well as appearing as an app for iPhone and iPad, offering voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation and offline maps for when you don't have any Internet service.

Nokia Here Connected Driving will be shown off for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show from 10 September.

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