No hands needed! Tesla updates cars with autopilot

A software update to the Model S and Model X gives cars the power to steer, change lanes and park without your hands on the wheel. Meanwhile, the new Yahoo Mail needs no password.

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Bridget Carey

Tesla cars on the road today have picked up the ability to self-steer. Unlike other cars with this technology, you don't need to keep your hands on the wheel.

In this CNET Update, learn about the software update rolling out to the Model S and Model X with a test-drive by Tim Stevens. Travel by air also gets new tech perks: JetBlue is closer to rolling out free high-speed Wi-Fi to all of its fleet. However, don't count on booking your next trip on Amazon. The site shut down its Amazon Destinations weekend getaway service:

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Also in this tech-news roundup, learn about Yahoo Mail's new app and the way it tries to avoid traditional passwords.

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