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Nissan's mobile man cave

Coinciding with the Amgen Tour of California, Nissan turned a NV2500 cargo van into a man cave on wheels.

Nissan NV2500
Nissan NV2500
Nissan fitted this van out in man cave-style as a support wagon for Team Radio Shack. Nissan

Nissan is angling to broaden commercial appeal of its cargo van by marketing the NV2500 as a mobile man cave.

To support Team Radio Shack on the Amgen Tour of California, Nissan kitted out a cargo van and turned it into what it described as a "man cave on wheels" equipped with satellite TV, bike tools, air hose, espresso machine, and bikes. The vehicle's maximum cargo height of 76.5 inches and nearly vertical sidewalls made it easy to accommodate aftermarket storage systems and cycling gear with enough space to stand and move around the interior. Occupants use a built-in iPad to control the van's Bose stereo, GPS, and entertainment system.

Nissan didn't say how much it cost to turn a NV2500 into a man cave on wheels, but pricing for the NV2500 begins at $24,950. The van is available with either a 4.0-liter V6 or 5.6-liter V8 engine paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. However, Team Radio Shack's NV2500 appears to have little in common with a man cave (note: no kegerator or La-Z-Boy), and is pretty much just a mobile cycling support station. The reality is that Nissan is hoping small business owners will see the potential of the vehicle's cargo capacity and consider the NV2500 for their commercial needs.

Nissan is the official automotive sponsor of the Amgen Tour of California, which began on May 16 in Nevada City, Calif., and ended in Westlake Village on May 22. American cyclist Chris Horner won the race.